Theoretical Foundations and Research Topics in Machine Learning

Welcome to the lecture on Theoretical Foundations and Research Topics in Machine Learning. Unfortunately, due to the current/unpredictable situation that we will face throughout this term, the lecture will be online only (at least for the time being). Each week, we will upload some material for you to study and we will give you a chance to ask questions about that material in the week after. Additionally, there will be coursework for you to submit, including a presentation of an advanced research topic in machine learning. The uploaded material will mostly consist of lecture recordings by us and/or international experts. The slot for live sessions is 4pm on Tuesdays and we will announce each one that takes place.

For the first week (commencing October, 12th) you will be asked to complete a questionaire by Thursday, 15th. The answers will not be graded but submitting sensible answers is compulsory.

The course will be on TUWEL.