Prof. Thomas Gärtner: Computational aspects of machine learning.

Maximilian Thiessen: Graph-based machine learning, active learning, and learning theory. Connects (graph) convexity theory with machine learning.

David Penz: Background in economics and theoretical computer science. Working on disentangled representations, knowledge transfer, and neuro-symbolic AI.

Tamara Drucks: Background in bioinformatics and theoretical computer science. Now interested in graphs, optimization, and (deep) learning theory.

Patrick Indri: Background in physics and data science. Interested in trustworthy machine learning focusing on privacy and robustness.

Fabian Jogl: Machine learning on graphs and especially graph neural networks. Combining ideas from algorithmics with machine learning.

Anice Jahanjoo: Machine learning in Health Monitoring Systems and SAR Image processing.

Pascal Welke: Interested in similarity based learning on graphs, as well as counting of various substructures for fun and (machine learning) profit.

Sagar Malhotra: Machine learning, logic, and probability in all possible combinations.

Group Leader

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Gärtner

Group members

TU Wien (from 2019)

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University of Nottingham (2015--2019)

University of Bonn / Fraunhofer IAIS (until 2015)

Other Co-authors

Former Supervisors

Co-supervised graduate students

  • Timothy Ellersiek
  • Sebastian Bothe
  • Jens Humrich
  • Laurentiu Ilici
  • Hongqi Wang
  • Jiaojian Wang

National and International Collaborators